Under 18?

Voter Pre-Registration

Sign up today, simplify voting later!

Texas Students United (nonpartisan & independent) provides this voter pre-registration tool to make it easier for students across Texas to register to vote and cast a ballot!

How does it work?

When you complete pre-registration, we'll remind you by email on the day you become eligible to complete your voter registration. Simply print out the attached form, sign your name, and mail it to your country clerk's office to finish your registration!

Am I eligible?

If you're a Texas resident under 17 and 10 months old, you're eligible to use our pre-registration tool. Click here to get started! If you're older than 17 and 10 months, you can use an official tool provided by the Texas Secretary of State to register to vote.

For both tools, users must be US citizens and Texas residents.

What if I'm already registered?

If you've already registered to vote, there's no need to do so again unless you've moved. Learn more here. You can verify your voter registration status in Texas on this website.

Powered by Keyboard Fire

TSU's voter pre-registration tool was generously designed and coded free of charge by Andy Tockman, known online as Keyboard Fire. Check him out here!

If you're unable to access the tool, check our status page to see if it's offline. 

Please report any other problems by email so we can look into them.